Shattered Universe 2: Empire United

Episode 4: The Invaders

Odd Job 6: SHITTWISTED part 2:

With huge cheers from a crowd leading out to the bear cave from the city itself, SHITTWISTED had the main event of the night. People from all over Bluespring and Lion’s Rest came to watch the band, which had just released a new album. The players approached the crowd asking for Isaac, their main contact for the band, and were pointed to the direction of a boxed in portion in the back of the cave.

Peering inside, Jak is met by a short skinny dwarf named Traig. He introduces them to the band and to Isaac, who was surprisingly a small Halfling monk that wore a dwarf suit on stage. after some brief deliberation and asking about guards, to which SHITTWISTED said they had none, the group decided to keep a look out for bears trying to take the stage. As the concert started, Arowel began to see flashes of light coming from two human figures, pushing their way through the crowd. A combat begins with the pride vs. 2 human form druids and two wild shapes. two members of SHITTWISTED, Isaac and Traig, were KO’d during the fight and one druid was killed. They all had some sort of bark like substance on their faces, glowing with a sinister purple magic. As it turned out, this cave was an ancient druid circle, and they seemed to have the urge to return. The pride took the dead druid to the nearby temple for resurrection, and was told to return the next day at 8pm to finish the ritual.

Main Story Part 2: Home Invasion:

Jak has a spiritual meeting with JoJo, who gives him guidance on who to serve now that Jak is all alone. he decides to spend his night at the temple while the rest of the party returns home.

Upon returning, the party noticed the door cracked open. the lights off in their home. a massive shroud of darkness covering the inside. sensing danger, Arowel used his communicator to contact Jak, telling him to “come back home.” Jak takes off running down the street towards the house.

Inside, Drock, Arowel, and juniper are questioned by a sinister voice among the shroud. as Jak steps in, he immediately identifies the voice. It belongs to Shirak, an old ally/enemy of Jak’s during his time with the D-Squad. Behind him, an entire squad of Apex Soldiers, each with the insignia of a dolphin on their chests. Shirak informs the pride that D-Town fell to the shattered, and now the d-squad roams the galaxy in Barthandelus, using it as a new home for all the people they saved during the fall of d-town. Now they are on Driala, for some undisclosed reason, to bring down The Lion.

A combat breaks out between the apex soldiers and the pride, with the pride narrowly winning the heated battle. a few grenades and gunfire left their house in ruins, so they decided to pack up and stay at Salty’s for the night. Arowel, while packing in the basement, discovered Dan tied up on the couch. after releasing him, Dan takes half of the money that the party owed him, leaving them the rest for an award. The party then proceeded to Salty’s to stay the night.

End of session summary.



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